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why this blog will probably never be cuter than a cat video.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got high hopes for this little corner of the internet, but I’m just keeping it real. Cat videos are cute and awesome and can make you want to cry in a really great way. I am not-so-cute and hopelessly uncool and can make you want to cry in a less great way (like that time I threw powdered cement in my friend’s eye, aged 23… as a joke). I’m no cat video. But I like to think that what I lack in fur and an adorable squishy nose, I make up for in wordy brilliance. So I’m gonna share a few things here – and hope you’ll enjoy them. If you’re not too busy watching cat videos.

But if you want to really make your own day, check out this kitten-meets-hedgehog encounter. It’ll be the cutest 1 minute and 52 seconds of your life.