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‘where are all my friends?’ and other thoughts i have on sunday…

What time is it?

I should get up.

What’s happening on Facebook? What’s happening on Instagram? What’s happening in my inbox?

Now I should really get up. After I see what’s happening on Facebook. (It’s been 20 minutes…)

I’m remembering an article that said people who make the bed are superior to people who don’t make the bed. I’m feeling superior.

I love having a whole day with no plans.

Have I done enough exercise this week? I should do some exercise.

Where are all my clean leggings? I should do some laundry.

How long can you leave ham in the fridge before it starts to go off?

Google: what does off ham look like?

What time is it?

I hope I’ve got enough petrol to get to the grocery store.

Ooooh, a buy-two-and-save special on mini pretzels!

What do I want to eat for lunch this week? What do I want to eat for dinner?

Google: fried rice recipe. Why does Coles have such shitty phone reception?

It all comes to how much?

That feeling when you’ve got a full fridge, though.

Almost as good as this couch time feeling.

Can’t. Decide. What. To. Watch.

Too. Many. Choices.

What time is it?

Yep, just spent half an hour adding things to my Netflix list.

What’s happening on Facebook? What’s happening on Instagram?

Should I be out day drinking right now? Should I be at a museum? Should I have more friends?

These people have so many fun friends. Where are all my friends?

Wait… I have no idea what’s happening on this episode of The Good Wife. Rewind.

Google: Matt Chuzchry wife? Yes, I mean Matt Czuchry.

Matt Czuchry is not married. Promising…

Urgh! Sidetracked again. Rewind.

It’s getting dark. What time is it?

Sunday is almost over. I have to go to work tomorrow.

Am I fulfilling my career potential? Do I feel satisfied in my job? What’s happening on LinkedIn?

Read an article on dreams and life purpose. Very worried I’m not living my dreams.

What is my life purpose?

How many episodes of The Good Wife is too many episodes?

Yes, I’m still watching.

What time is it?

Fried rice involves a lot of chopping. I wish I had a chef.

I wonder if Matt Czuchry is famous enough to have a chef?

Can the flavour really make up for all this chopping?

Why does dinner take an hour to make and 4.2 minutes to eat?

What’s for dessert?

This cushion is cricking my neck. I’ve been on the couch too long.

I need more friends. I need to get out more. I need a life purpose.